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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by wy2sl0
Now I finally bought some parts around an e6550, and all the talk in this thread is worrying me that my almost $200 on my CPU choice was a waste because it still is going to bottleneck FSX. I need to be able to run it at 1920x1080 as I bought a 50" 1080P TV for that and for sports.
Welcome to the thread!

Your E6550 should work great if you overclock. If you can hit 3GHz you will be in great shape. Do you plan to overclock?

Even if you don't overclock you should be able to turn most everything up all the way if you keep bloom turned off, water at low 2.x, traffic off, and autogen at very dense, provided to you install SP1/SP2. No matter what keep bloom turned off, as thats the thing that will kill your frames like no other, as does setting water higher than low 2.x. If you have enough power to spare you can turn water up one notch to get the nice cloud relfections, otherwise go for low 2.x, and if you want some AI traffic turn autogen down one notch and keep the traffic setting low.

You should be able to run in the 20-30 fps range with these settings, though you will want to lock your frame rate at a value which is smaller than what you can consistently achieve, else you might get a lot of blurries. I keep mine at 22 or 25 to stay blurry free.

As to the video card I'd go for an 8800 GT, which is around $250, and would allow you to easily run 1920 with AA, even 8xS Supersampling, but if you don't want to pay that much the 8600 GTS performs pretty well at 1920, which is only $150.

Toms VGA chart has a nice comparison.
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