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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

It depends where you fly for a start - big cities will bring powerful rigs to their knees [some city's are worse than others] if you have to options cranked up, but in the country things should be easier. For general performance keep 'traffic' quite low as that has a large hit as does 'bloom' and start with 'Autogen' and 'scenery complexity' on 'normal' and 'water effects' low 2.x.

Keep 'Texture resolution' at 1m and 'global texture resolution' on very high and 'Level of detail radius' on Large or things start to get a bit ugly...these are not worth compromising on.

There are some tweaks around, but none of them will increase the frame rate sadly. I fly mostly over Photoscenery with only some custom objects and autogen and this is a major reason for getting the fluidity and image quality I do with my spec. At the end of the day it comes down to raw processing power - the more cores and the more mhz you have the better.

BTW you should be able to maximize your the image quality [AA, AF etc] with NO impact on perfomance - you do have a good CPU, much better than mine, and FSX will only run as fast as the CPU allows - so try cranking those right up for a start. AF is vital for keeping the terrain looking sharp.
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