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Originally Posted by zoomy942
remember though, that lots of people think they have ti "survive" with 2 new cars, flashy electronics and a huge house... they have been lied to as well. i have a low house payment, a 1990 4 runner and no debt inducing eletronics.... and i LOVE my life
A low house payment is a thing relative to what you buy and where you live. Cost of living varies across the country. What I can get in VA for $100k can't be had around NYC for $500k.

Also, new cars are somewhat of a commodity. I've owned many older cars that were cheap, but by the time I put work into fixing and maintaining them, they cost about as much as a new one. Also, warranty can go a long ways where as without one, you could possibly be screwed if something major happens.

If you're content living the way you are, more power to you, but some of us strive for more and better.
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