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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by zoomy942
remember though, that lots of people think they have ti "survive" with 2 new cars, flashy electronics and a huge house... they have been lied to as well. i have a low house payment, a 1990 4 runner and no debt inducing eletronics.... and i LOVE my life
Two cars can be a necessity. Else one ends up driving to work, with the wife at home, needing to get the kids to soccer practice, band practice, whatever other extra-caricular activities there are; while also taking care of the shopping, and everything else.

Then depending on how many kids (especially pre-driving age adolescents) one has; 1 car ends up becomming non-stop taxi service. Leave the car at home? But then there's an issue of work, and no public transportation is not always a viable option in all parts of the US.

Now if one were to suggest the wife leave the shopping until after the husband comes home; after a long hard days work, who wants to go shopping the whole evening Better people can do their thing, without being stranded, without the other person having to do it all, also.
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