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Originally Posted by nVJoe
After living that way with a wife and family, I do know what I am talking about.

We did not make a lot of money. We also did not spend a lot of money.

They do it because it is what is the norm now. That is the reason. If you are in the position that you cannot keep up your responsibilities then it is your own fault. Most people do not know how to manage their money. These same people you are talking about have cell phones, DVD players, eat out all the time etc. I was poor, i know what it is like.

It is quite simple. It costs more to have both parents working, paying for daycare and getting taxed double at the low level of income you are talking about. Oh wait, I am wrong. These people get free day care, free school lunch and so on. I have NEVER taken any government money when I was dead poor.

People like you bother me. It is people like you who helped to create the whole welfare system and the abuse that came with it. People like you see people who can't do. People who are victims. We call people like you liberals. I detest this line of thought. I see people who can. I see people who are capable but for one reason or another, they are not. That is their choice. Very few people truly can't. The rest just don't try.

How did i know you would find a way to bring the word "liberal" into this conversation?'s laughable as is your entire point.

That's the entire reason i stay out of the politics and religion forum because a few of you can't seem to have a decent discussion with tossing the "liberal" card around and using it every other word.

Who is talking about welfare or ghetto idiots who live in shacks with a brand new car in the front and a satellite dish on the roof? sound like everyone who is struggling to get by is only that way because they don't know how to manage their's a ridiculous notion.

The company i work for employs a little over 50k people. In the area i live in it's one of the largest employers, and a vast majority of the jobs don't even cover the cost of living here. Do you understand that?...if you did nothing but work and go home everyday and payed your bills you could not afford to live here on your income alone with these jobs and a family. That's why both parents work these days, not because they have to have HBO or some nonsense.

Sure, there are way too many people who live beyond their means, but there are also a good bit of people who work for practically nothing and in those cases having both parents work is mandatory for survival. And before anyone says, "well they should get better jobs"...get a clue. If all these people working these **** jobs had better ones, who'd be doing the job they are doing now?..i sure as hell wouldn't, would you? Everyone can't have a "better" job, there are a lot of crap jobs that have to be done by someone.

Your entire argument stems from the "i did it, they can do it to", which is all well and good until you realize that not everyone CAN do it.

I dunno even why i'm bothering in the first place, you are basing an argument off of an entirely false premise to begin with. It's NOT always cheaper for one parent to stay at home than it is to have them work, even if it was cheaper for YOU. All you have to do is a little math work to prove you are wrong.

Finally, i'll leave you with this:

The poverty threshold, or poverty line, is the minimum level of income deemed necessary to achieve an adequate standard of living.
I'm not exactly sure the exact number for a household of 3 (which is two parents and a child) but it's somewhere around $18k.

Believe it or not, there are a ton of jobs out there where people don't make that in a year. So if a father makes, say, $15k a year, which is below poverty for his family, you honestly expect people to believe that he is better off living on that, than having his wife make an additional $15k a year?

Seriously, do the math. There is no way in hell a family of three is better off on $15k with the wife at home than they are at $30k and having to pay sitter fees or some extra taxes. If you think taxes and sitter fees would outweigh her income, someone has been taking you for a ride.

Like i said before you have no clue. You think your life is everyones life and therefore you can extrapolate your experiences into fact.
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