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Default Re: Over 30 fps on Veryhigh with 4xAA/16xAF in 1600x1200 * WOW!

Originally Posted by SeriTonin
Of course it's poorly coded Don't you remember the ads and interviews...."we are working very closely with nvidia to ensure the best performance possible for geforce users"

And the game ships unplayable @ a decent res on nvidia's highest end card.

You know what nvidia and crytek were doing? Making sure that code stayed poorly optimized so there's reason for 3-way sli and more money.

And in 2 or 3 years, there will be quad becoming the norm, then two chips on each card in quad mode and so on.

There's always a catch, welcome to big business.

Hmm yeah makes sense.. I'll admit I was one of the suckers who almost
fell for it, but then suddenly woke up and realized it's no where worth it !!!

Catch 22 for them though, because while they get everyone's money NOW
in a few years when the really good hardware is out no body will care
about Crysis, and there will HOPEFULLY be better games out.
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