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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by nVJoe
People like you bother me. It is people like you who helped to create the whole welfare system and the abuse that came with it. People like you see people who can't do. People who are victims. We call people like you liberals. I detest this line of thought. I see people who can. I see people who are capable but for one reason or another, they are not. That is their choice. Very few people truly can't. The rest just don't try.

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Sorry but you are espousing liberal ideas. You see things as people who cannot. I see things as people who can if we just get out of their way.

You talk to any financial adviser and they will tell you the same. If you live with in your means and put a little bit away each pay check you can make a good retirement for your self. You do not need to have both working. My personal experience is coupled with real knowledge of what it takes to run a house hold. My father was a credit manager for a major lumber company for years. He later was a small business owner for 22 years. He had us living with in our means and it worked with one parent working. It can work for anyone who is willing to put the time and effort in getting training or education to get a good job.

A few years ago 60 minutes had a piece on this topic. They took a look at a middle income house hold with both parents working and who had trouble paying bills. They went over their income and expenditures and found that it cost more for her to work than it did for her to stay home. She quit her job and they cut back on their spending. They got out of debt and started saving even though they made less as a household after she quit. The problem before was her job paid just a bit less than it took for her to be at her job. The same financial model can be used for anyone willing to save their money. If they are making so little that they cannot pay even the basics then they need to get a better job. It is as simple as that. The problem is are they willing to put forth the effort to get the training to get a better job.

You are plain wrong. Millions and millions of people have done it.

BTW, cry more about being called a liberal. Remember it was you who came into this thread saying I had no clue. Now you want to cry because you are a lieral?

You assume she is going to make the same amount the same as him. At those low wages the women is not going to make the same. You want to play with the numbers to support your position.

Seriously, where did this liberal bashing come from? Do you know how offensive that can sound to some people? Oh wait, you probably have never left your home town.

You seemed somewhat respectable in the beginning of the thread, and now I realize you are just some ignorant prick that watches Bill 'O Reily and Fox news all day.
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