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Default Re: Party's over folks... Universal is not renewing HD-DVD contract

Originally Posted by nicorulez
So, I have a question for the experts. Microsoft sided with HDDVD initially, but never produced a player with HD built in. Do you think it was for cost cutting purposes, or did they know HDDVD was the likely loser.
It would have been impossible due to technical reasons regardless of the actual reason - at least prior to 2008. The XBOX 360 requires a 12x DVDROM drive by spec and the only HD DVDROM drives available in 2006-2007 could do 8x DVD max. So the HD DVDROM drives would be too slow for 360 games, it would not be able to keep up with asset streaming and whatnot (you'd have missing textures etc as the drive can't keep up with the gameplay).

If Blu Ray wins (and honestly they both are so similar that I cannot appreciate the difference to any great extent unless I was a video and audiophile), do you think an add on Blu Ray player would be produced by Microsoft? To me, it would be feeding Sony's bottom line and I do not perceive that happening. BTW, I own both formats.
Probably not. Releasing HD DVD addon was a win for them because it harmed Sony and did not harm MS much. Releasing BD addon would help Sony. I think instead Microsoft will focus on promoting the downloads market. The only time they will add Blu-ray is if they have been able to conclude without doubt that they need it in order to compete with Sony - I simply don't think that is the case, though.
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