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Default Re: Nice writeup on the different BD profiles

Originally Posted by Lyme
Pretty much Mullet.
Thanks for the article, at least it looks like there headed in the right direction. I also found this, I understand some of it but looks good if true.

By rninneman on 1/18/2008 10:30:44 PM , Rating: 5
The reason why the PS3 is generally regarded as the best SA player is for the following reasons:

1. Currently Profile 1.1
2. Upgradeable to 2.0
3. Upgradeable via ethernet
4. Extremely fast boot and load times
5. Exceptional DVD up-scaling (Scores perfect in all but the noise reduction category on the Silicon Optix HQV Benchmark (The NR weakness could even be fixed with a firmware update.)
6. Integrated Dolby TrueHD decoding and upgradeable to DTS HD-MA decoding
7. Starts at $399
8. Also happens to play games and works as a pretty cool media center

The main gripes with the PS3 are relatively minor.
1. It has no internal IR sensor.
Although a one may be purchased for less than $20, it still cannot turn it on and off with the remote. That is no big deal really because you have to be physically at the player to put a disc in anyway.

2. It currently does not decode DTS HD-MA since every Fox title includes this format.
When that is added in future firmware, it becomes a none issue. (Who knows, the power on/off IR issue may be resolved with firmware too.)

Common knocks against the PS3 that are baseless:
1. No bitstream output of HD audio formats
Bitstream output will be useless when discs begin being authored in advanced mode and require be done in the player. This brings me to #2.

2. The PS3 has poor audio compared to standalone players
While I would agree if we were talking about the analog output (which is stereo anyway) or the fiber optic output, over HDMI, it makes no difference. Decoding TrueHD and DTS HD-MA is like decoding a ZIP file. It doesn't matter what decodes it, it's the same data in the end anyway. Do you argue that WinRAR decodes archives better than WinZIP?

3. The PS3 has poor image quality compared to SA players
In fact the PS3 has better image quality than most SA players. It is one of the few players that actually can decode and output 1080p directly. Most decode to 1080i and then deinterlace back to 1080p. On both the standard def (as of firmware 1.80 or later) and BR HQV Benchmark, the PS3 scores perfect except noise reduction. Hopefully Sony will fix the noise reduction in future firmware.

As you can see, all but one issue can be resolved with firmware. I'd say Sony did a damn good job at thinking ahead when they designed the PS3. If I missed complaints though, let me know so I can address that as well.

I don't believe the PS3 is perfect for everyone as a BR player just like not everyone needs a regular DVD player that has progressive-scan, HDMI, Divx support, JPEG support, digital output, recording capability, etc. I don't understand why people call Blu-Ray a half-baked format when regular DVD has changed a lot since its introduction yet older players still work just fine for the majority of viewers.
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