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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
Welcome to the thread!

Your E6550 should work great if you overclock. If you can hit 3GHz you will be in great shape. Do you plan to overclock?
Thanks SJA ill check out those links.

And eagle I hope it does! I bought a freezer 7 for heatsink, and going to run 3 120mm fans for the case, so if I can run a safe slight overclock I would absolutely like to, I bought a p35 gigabyte mobo. Only problem is I dont know that much about ram and I bought some ddr2-667 corsair ( 2 gb ) and I have read that that is horrible ram for overclocking. That and the e6550 already runs at 1333 fsb stock. Any tips I would greatly appreciate.

To be honest about FPS, I wouldnt like any less than 25-30, and if it means turning down some detail that is fine at 1920. Its a shame the game still doesnt run better at our current performance market ( within reason ).
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