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Default Re: Over 30 fps on Veryhigh with 4xAA/16xAF in 1600x1200 * WOW!

Maybe I'm lucky, but I can downscale with both my LCD's so long as I stay in the monitor's aspect ratio. It looks just as good that way as the native res does... only with more jaggies (just like with a CRT). Now, when not gaming I have to keep the desktop at the native res otherwise things just become very blurry. Especially text. But for gaming I can downscale to any resolution that is within my monitor's aspect ratio and it still look just fine. Heck, I can even go down to a non-wide screen resolution and it'll look fine cause the image doesn't get stretched to fit the width of my screen.

Maybe I'm lucky, or just not as difficult to please.
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