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Default Re: WoW gold limit reached

So, why store it in a 32-bit int? I'd say the one's who were arguably lazy enough to re-use graphics (argument for restricting flying mounts from Azeroth, due to mention "it will look bad as when one flies into SW on gryphon, they're seeing Stormgarde Keep, and we don't want players to see this"; which might come to bite them in the foot if people are like "why couldn't I use a flying mount in Northrend, or can I? it's Azeroth?); simply didn't chose to get around the simple use of a 32-bit int.

There are ways, and in this in CS 251, one of the programming projects was to create an infinite precision integer package, using linked lists, and then to compute 1,000 factorial to it's precise, non-rounded result. It does take a lil more code however.
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