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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by hirantha
What i like to do is what Buddha did, give up everything, go into a deep Tibetan jungle and acquire my Nirvana. nothing to worry about, but cant do that gotta take care of things.
Though, ironically, if one takes the tale, Prince Sidhartha, after going to live the life of an asthetic, had left. And beyond this, devised the doctrine of "the middle way"

During the six years between the Buddha leaving his home at the age of 29 and attaining enlightenment, at the age of 35, he tried a range of quasi-spiritual practices which he thought might be successful. Some of these included starving the body to such an extent that he became terribly emaciated.
After a while, however, he realized that this was not helping him to achieve his goal - he simply felt tired, anxious and in pain. He considered that there must be another way. And so, he started to eat again - much to the disgust of his fellow mendicants who thought he'd just 'gone soft' - and remembered a time in his youth when he had experienced a pleasurable meditative experience whilst watching the annual ploughing festival.

The Buddha taught what he referred to as 'the Middle Way, a path that led to enlightenment by avoiding the extremes of sensory self-indulgence and self-mortification.

Quite a humorous sutta tells of how two ascetics approach the Buddha and ask what their destiny will be in their next life. One of the ascetics spends his time acting like a dog, the other like an ox. Thus the ascetic who acts like a dog 'eats his food when it is thrown on the ground', whereas the ascetic who acts like an ox does ox-like things (the sutta doesn't explain what these might be!). By acting in this way, the two ascetics expect that they will be reborn in a higher realm, as gods perhaps, but the Buddha quickly disillusions them. The ascetic who acts like a dog will be reborn in the company of dogs or else hell; the ascetic who acts like an ox will be reborn in the company of oxen or else hell too!
Just as the Buddha argued against self-mortification as a practice that is beneficial to spiritual advancement, he also warned against indulgence in sensual pleasures.
If anything, after it was all said and done, tale would have it that Sidhartha went on to espouse "balanced living", rather then going to either extreme which he experienced as Prince Sidhartha, or latter on as an asthetic.
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