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Default Re: I quite WoW today

This thread is about to be ready for forum moving to the P&R forum :P

Ya know, this is where I'm really torn. I know what it is like for life to throw a curve ball. I also know what it's like for people to have to work 3 jobs for a family to survive (one of my sisters had to do this, as her deadbeat husband sat home all day, and did nothing). She then had to come home, after 3 shifts, clean up house, do all the shopping, raise the 4 kids, everything. I've seen the lives of some people (the family of the Navajoo girl my parents sponsored) who live on one of the Indian reservations here. And I don't just mean the tourist stops. When I came out to college here, to avoid hotel room charges the entire time between orientation and the dorm rooms opening, I lived with their family for a couple weeks, and saw the rather unspoaken side of it....

In the past 15 months, my father has had a stroke, now my mother has had medical problems, I was in school full time, and everything has gone down hill. I know from first hand experience, what bad can be... And not just financially, but hell my father can't take care of himself, my mother is thinking of moving in with my sister because she's having trouble medically, and my father (who needs 24/7 care) doesn't want to go. The doctor tried to explain to him, that in as much as he's lost too many of his mental and physical capacities following his stroke (he's like 82 years old now), if he's living on his own, he'll be reported to the state.

The thing is, if he is, he's likely to be deemed incompetent, the authorities come into the home, forceably remove him, and place him in a state run nursing home, then with no family around. He simply is not able to comprehend the severity of any of this.

Then in the midst of all this, and with both myself and my family struggling to get by, I run into all the pan handlers, all the beggers. It does't matter if it's in game, with people who have the same wellfare consciousness over some epix they want, which they'll replace in 2 lvls, or out of game with beggers and pan handlers in real life. And the worst part of it; most of these people aren't even appreciative if anyone does anything for them. Instead they come to demand and expect it, like it's their due, and everyone owes them. Don't catter to this, and some get belligerent, accusing one of being spoiled, or whatever? How so? These people have no idea what either myself, or my family has gone through, and what little I have, I didn't get from begging and demanding. I'm actually rather sick of it; and yet on the other hand also understand what hard times can be. I doubt some of these people have any sense of just some of the things that can happen in this world, bleh

But if that isn't bad enough; I have someone who I've considered to be one of my best friends, who wile remaining entirely cagey and cryptic to the point I can't recognize him, or even find anything comprehensible anymore; takes all of this personally, as if it's either all him, how I supposedly feel about him, or I don't even get it anymore. There's not even a possibility to just come out and tell him, because if/when Gilthanas has approached me since the time of that one alt I only remembered even existed some months after the fact; he insists on not letting me know it's him, as he also insists I must just somehow know as if by magic.

Hell, around that time, I had to save so much money, had to drop out of school then (save gas and money), that my days became so indestinguishable, that I all turned into one blur of sameness. Thing is, in the midst of all this, I couldn't even keep track of time anymore at this point; same as occurs with many in the far arctic circle, who have 6 months of darkness, till they can't even tell 1 day from the next. And yet, he assumes I just know the incomprehensible; and if I don't, it's because of him, not anything else.

And you know what? In the midst of all this, I'm sick of people who demand that everyone else does everything for them. People who act like the world and everyone in it, owes them, like some kind of personal slave; and then thinks anyone who won't just give everything they demand must somehow be spoiled. They have no clue exactly what others have had to face or work towards, to get wherever they might be at present. I just wish my friend could figure this out also, and stop taking things as a personal indictment against him, that never really had anything to do with him at all. As to these others, the many who beg, whine, and demand? I just don't really care all that much for it, anymore....
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