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Default Re: PS3 game load times

Originally Posted by cOnSOLeDaPlaya
So you have mass effect?
He's played it; I've seen him talking about it before. Doesn't seem as if he cares for it much, which I don't really get, because this is outright one of the best games ever made on a console.

"Large, random generic lands? No detail?" They're some of the most awesome things I've ever seen. And duh.. they're barren planets; they're not supposed to have people running around everywhere. Would you expect Mars to?

Did you ever get to the one with sand-storms and the comets drifting through the atmosphere catching fire? With sun-flares coming over the rock formations with some of the best texture-mapping I've ever seen? With the big worm-boss that busts up from underneath the ground?

Just the fact that you can travel to planets as side-quests is an awesome gameplay element. Hell, some of them aren't even side-quests; they're just another area that you can explore if you choose to.

Most of the loading takes place at the beginning of a world/planet. There are a few places that load on the fly throughout, and there are slight pauses (for a second or two) in certain locations. Big effen' deal... it's not as if you're sitting there for a half-hour waiting for the game to load.

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