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Default Re: PS3 game load times

Originally Posted by Xion X2
He's played it; I've seen him talking about it before. Doesn't seem as if he cares for it much, which I don't really get, because this is outright one of the best games ever made on a console.
It's a good game with a great story. I don't praise it blindly, it has alot of flaws both technical and design. I mean KOTOR had a good inventory system yet Mass Effects is total garbage... wtf?

I don't think its one of the best games made on a console by far, its one of the best stories in a game though and has a great cinematic feel but that doesn't make up for the gameplay and technical flaws that shouldn't have been in the game.

Yeah the idea of exploring worlds is awsome but I would have rather it been done well even in a more limited quanitity then giving me such a large selection with just really poor Implementation.
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