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Default Re: UT3 sales, lackluster on PS3 as well.

Originally Posted by Butter Bandit
I don't have any major complaints with UT3...but I find myself wanting to play Team Fortress 2 more than it.

I think the problem with UT3 is just too much of a "been there, done that" feeling. I honestly think the game would be doing alot better if they had waited until February to launch the game, when everyone started to get bored with their Christmas purchases.
They did do that with 2k4, difference is 2k4 offered a new mode of onslaught. I truly feel aside from the un-motivated texture job, they just didn't bring anything new to the table for once. Every inception had some new gameplay mode, 2k3 had that newly introduced, faster style of play, and bombing run, 2k4 had more old school weapons and onslaught, plus tons of new maps.

This one has nothing new. Just small revamps of what already was, and personally, I feel those revamps hurt the modes.
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