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Default Re: UT3 sales, lackluster on PS3 as well.

I'm simply at a loss as why Epic managed to fumble this game so farking bad,one would think that atleast the PS3 version would sell since theyre on a starvation diet when it comes to similar games.Atleast until you find out that you have to have ANOTHER ps3 to host a game on,you cannot rent a win or linux server box to host your clanserver as you can with the pc version (allthough theyre both halfassed and unfinished there aswell) The cell might be capable of many things but the ps3 with its limited ram does not qualify as a 10+ player server.

Epic has taken so many ****ed up deciscions with this game,they have managed to kill it by themselves and it hurts to see the franschise go down like this.its been my favourite online gaming passtime since late 99 but i will never love this game as i loved its predecessors.In their rush to get it out before christmas they released a unfinished subpar product that needed a 240 mb patch to be mediocre even ,they should have kept the game in developement another 6 months and then release it with a finished working linux server,with webadmin support,better UI,without a myriad of bugs and tons of missing features and functions that made the other games in this series so great.

And they also need to get rid of that lying bastard Mark Rein,i cannot even add up all the things he claimed to be true about this game during its development that turned out to be flat out lies.

/end of rant.

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