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Default Re: UT3 sales, lackluster on PS3 as well.

I'm still in shock mode, as to how my favorite developers has become my least liked.

Forget the new focus on consoles, they have to do it, I can understand that. We all gotta eat. Make a pc version decently, I'm a happy guy, I don't care if it's exclusive or not.

But do it right. Give me my high res, better than console-textures, give me my massive online and game setting options, give me a new addicting game mode, or at least include all the old ones? (takes mods to get slaughterhouse, invasion or bombing run) And give me more than 6 ****ing ctf maps. That was just insulting.

It just doesn't even feel like epic did this, almost like that defective group of asshat's over at people can fly that were hired made this slop.

Well, wait, this actually runs smoothly, people can fly didn't touch it then.

See gears of war to see a true port people can fly do. Oh and by the way, how did epic handle that? By not responding at all.

Take a look at the official boards, still no fix in sight or even made acknowledged by epic regarding Gears. Some can play it but it stutters horribly, regardless of system or os, some get constant crashing, some can't even get the game to load.

Epic can give interviews to defend low game sales, but they can't make a 2 second statement via the web regarding (notice Im not even saying give us a patch, I'm still asking them to acknowledge there's an issue) random issues on one of their games people PAID for.
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