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Default Re: Party's over folks... Universal is not renewing HD-DVD contract

Originally Posted by Lyme
That could be the reason. I wouldn't want to pull out a fast dvd9 drive and replace it with a slower drive. While you likely would get less of a jet engine sound, the load time would increase, and from my first hands-on experience with a ps3, I don't find slower load times very acceptable.
If it was just load times increasing it wouldn't be an issue.

The issue is that a large chunk of the 360 games use in-game streaming of assets. Meaning that while you are running through the level it is pulling stuff off the DVD in the background. With a drive that is slower than expected, that means you could run into a new area and all of the textures would be missing as they haven't loaded yet. Which would essentially be a disaster in terms of end-user experience.
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