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Default Re: Over 30 fps on Veryhigh with 4xAA/16xAF in 1600x1200 * WOW!

Originally Posted by Gaco
Your placebo or wishful thinking can tell you whatever you want, but lesser resolution also means inferior depth perception, texture sharpness, color precision, overall detail, simply less overall quality - you kid yourself if you think res is only about jaggies

For people that have a harder time detecting these things right away, play in high res for a few hours, then go low res + a little FSAA if you want. The difference will be quite evident
No, I'm well aware of what lower resolutions do to the over-all image quality. I'm merely stating that I do not notice scaling issues like most people seem to have- both my LCD monitors scale down to lower resolutions *BETTER* than any CRT I've ever owned- and I say "better" cause my LCD monitors even scale properly with an aspect ratio other than 16:10. If I ever tried to run a wide-screen resolution on my 4:3 CRT it'd look like crap... but using a 4:3 resolution on both my LCD's looks just fine as the monitor itself scales the image to fit the screen while maintaining the appropriate aspect ratio. Now maybe I just really fortunate with my two monitors, or maybe I just cannot notice the scaling issue. Regardless, I do think some people might be exaggerating how bad it is, or they're just too picky.

Just my opinion, I know. Take it for what it is.
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