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Default Help with my DGL-4500 setup please

I recently picked up the D-Link DGL-4500 gaming router. The reason for the purchase is because it supports the 802.11a standard. I wanted to use this for my Xbox 360.

What I didn't know was that if I used the "a" standard on it's 5GHz frequency I could no longer use the "g" standard on it's 2.4GHz frequency. Does anybody know of a way that I could accomplish having both standards operating at one time? Even if there was a way to set it up using my old router (Dlink DIR-625) in combination?

This is the components of concern in my household:

Main PC: 680i motherboard with 2 NICs both hardwired to router
Wife's Laptop: Sony that has G and N standard support
Xbox 360: Using Microsoft's USB wireless that supports "g" and "a"
PSP: uses "g" setting
HP Printer: it has built in "g" wireless
Daughter's PC: hardwired to router, only one NIC
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