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Default TV keeps losing its convergence calibration..

Not sure exactly whats going on. A little over a month ago I got my TV calibrated which included a full 117 point convergence. The day the guy calibrated the TV, it was absolutely gorgeous. You couldn't get a sharper picture. Then over time, I noticed that for no reason whatsoever, the picture wasn't as sharp.

I am a stickler when it comes to video quality, so I checked both the 9 point convergence points and even the full 117 points. They were a large amount off. Still, be that as it may. I did spent a few hours doing the convergence myself. The TV didn't look *as* good as when it was professionally done, but it still looked damn good. Definitely was happy with what I did.

Now here I am two weeks later after my full 117 point convergence, and I noticed a slight degrade in the image quality. I checked the convergence and sure enough, its off again.

Does anyone know what might be going on? Convergence isn't exactly something that should be moving around. Its suppose to stay put. Any ideas on what I can check would be greatly appreciated.
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