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Default Re: PS3 game load times

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Take a look at the difference in texture detail between Mass Effect and WoW and tell me how you can expect Mass Effect to load them in as quickly. The textures in Mass Effect are about 10,000x more detailed than the textures in WoW are. The file sizes are much, much larger.

And after you do that, take into account the thousands and thousands of audio files the game has to load in for all the characters' speech...
Hey, people belive in the easter bunny, santa claws, god (in whatever denomination), world peace, the end to poverty, why is it unrealistic for me to expect that all games have fast load times?

Plus in games such as Mass Effect, you don't need to load everything at once. You need to load everything in the close vicinity, and keep track of what needs to be loaded in a non-intrusive streaming manner as a character moves. Mass Effect for the most part is limited by the amount of memory in the 360, and as such put in the longer load times when changing to new areas.
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