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Originally posted by d1rX

Maybe you haven't used it often enough to grasp the new iface
Bare in mind that PS is the "industry standard". Why is GIMP based on PS and not PSP or Corel?
because both psp and corel SUCK

I use it daily, come now, i'm no n00b.

I just got work done faster in v3, 4, 5, 5.5, etc

I'm not saying 6 and 7 arent good, they have some useful features, but i can't get over the ui and how sucky they've made it. And i'm not the only one.

The head artist over at matrox is a good friend of mine. As such, i get a sneek peak at what they do there. (The 'reef demo'... well, lets say i saw the early renders and the Max4 scenes... I also know what limitations the engine of the demo has...) Anyway, to make a long story short, i built his comp. He brought me all the software he wanted to install, and i noticed he got photoshop5. Surely matrox could give him photoshop7... he Is the head artist after all.

"So, XXXXX, why PS5, you must appreciate the new features in ps7...?"

"I don't appreciate the new UI. It sucks"

And i agree completely.
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