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Default Re: WoW gold limit reached

Originally Posted by jeffmd
Goku, get real, 214K is a pipe dream for 99.9% of the population, now and in WotLK. 32bit int is more then enough. remembers this is yet one of many values needed to be stored for the what..10+ million (I could be totaly off and this number could be much much bigger) player avatars in the world.
If people are running into it, and Bliz is hearing comments. I'm stating what they would have done in taking shortcuts from a programming standpoint. This is the consequence that came up.

Actually it's the linked article that is making a deal out of anything by stating

It's simply un-American! The commie sympathizers at Blizzard have apparently placed financial restrictions on the amount of gold players can have in World of Warcraft. WoW Insider reports two players have reached the anti-capitalist limit of 214,748 gold, 36 silver, 48 copper and that's the end of the road for them. After that they are not entitled to the cash they have earned by the sweat of their own fingertips.
I'm stating what they likely did, to have that limit in place; nothing more or less. I'd appreciate if you'd direct your "get real" comments at them, the ones who stated this; rather then try to put it on me for what the article, which I had no part in authoring, which started this thread, said.

Btw what do you mean about stormgarde and stormwind? they are far from eachother, you wouldnt see one from the other even on a mount.
Physical proximity has nothing to do with it. The stated matter was one of re-using graphics, not locality. That was one of Blizzard's own responces given to the argument/complaint made before BC was released, about flying mounts not being allowed in Azeroth. The argument went, that if they allowed it, without re-designing the graphics, it would look terrible and Blizzard doesn't want people to see that. Flying into SW on the gryphon was mentioned as one of the short cuts they implemented when designing the game, with a "it would look terrible because of this, if we allowed one to fly on the non-predifined flight path".

This was itself one of Blizzard's own reasons which was stated prior to BC's own releases, for why flying mounts were going to be restricted to Outland. There's no reason to assume they were lieing, on the matter of re-using graphics, in telling their customers no; when it came to the issue of denying flying mount access in older areas of the game.
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