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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by zoomy942
agreed. but for me, my car was costing my 4,400 a year. so if i spend less than thar per year on repairs, i win
Depends how many years they keep it. But a new car comes with a 36,000 mile warranty typically. Now throw in the matter of just how inept many wives can be when something goes wrong with the car (no, not all); they might be getting a toe before realizing something was wrong with the thing...

But seriously, having to take the thing into the shop all the time, and spend that sorta money in getting the thing worked on; while either having to do without transportation, or get a car rental. No fricken shop in this area has loaner cars. I missed more days of college having to sit in the car shop all day. If it was work, I'd probably have lost a job by then. You live alone, there's no one to take you there. You're married, chances are, you end up late for work everytime you have to take your wife to the shop, and then make sure she's OK... You don't, cause "I need to go to work", and it's the dog house at home. Do, and it's the dog house at work. Bleh...
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