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Default Re: Thank you, please come again.

Well, there are 2 slight issues...

Hunters are currently very largely populated. If you plan on taking it into raides, it might/might not work. I had done kara and Gruul's on my hunter for about 3 months. I'm in another guild now (actually my previosu guild, re-formed), actually officer there, and as I told someone else with a hunter main (he's got a resto druid alt); we don't need more hunters now, we need healers. This said, my rogue is now raiding, did up through Opera first week down.

Curator we ran into problems, but for a first week in guild run, Opera isn't bad. Most don't see it first week, let along down Romulo and Julliet, where more then half the raid are newer 70s still in blues. Some do have epics now, and others such as myself and this druid, we have epics on our mains, but we're not progressed on the newer chars; same as on the older ones that had hit some 25 man content. Over half the raid is simply not geared for Curator.

As we have more then enough hunters for 2 kara teams (and we're starting up 1), it's one of those things, we might swap them in latter on when things are more established, to continue gearing them. You'll likely see the same thing, if the class distribution on your realm is anywhere similar.

Now on feral tanks, they're certainly feasible, with the high armor/health, dodge chance, and immunity to polymorph effects. This also can have some use in Gruul's, if one isn't using 2 hunters to off tank each other on the shammy add for High King. But the bad news, is also that they have lower defence rating, which means becomming uncrushable.... There are places you just want a warrior. This said, not all druids have to go resto, and it's not uncommon to keep a feral druid, or a couple around.
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