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Default Re: Help with my DGL-4500 setup please

Originally Posted by lduguay
You can use both routers. Connect one LAN port of one router to another LAN port on the DGL. I believe that mdi-x autosensing is supported on both routers, otherwise you would need a X patch cable. It would be better to use static addresses on the DIR (disable DHCP), also leave your WAN port open on the DIR.
Thanks for letting me know this is possible. Do you know of any site that can help me with step by step instructions? I did what you've stated but I have no idea on how to access the second router to set it up.

*update*: seems like I have most things working now. More testing is needed, but it looks like everything was working as should (my PSP was slow though). Thanks again for leading me down the right path lduguay. I also have to monitor the heat level as I have the 2 stacked on top of each other.
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