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Default Re: End it the end for some?

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
Yeh there was 3 of you on one.
Id be shocked if you hadnt killed him to be honest.
?? is only 10 levels higher.

Im talking more one on one.
When Im in OL and a boss come towards me (I'm taking NPC mainly here....Im running)
?? is at least 10 lvls higher. If someone in group can see lvl though, that nails it. But some other things can be a suggestion. If one's on a 26 and sees a guy on a mount, it's a given they're at least lvl 40... If an epic mount, then it's at least 60, and chances are it's Outland geared.

That gear diffeence, is also not minor, where for instance my Nelf hunter who was then in some ZG gear, some epics, and some dungeon set 1, (dungeon set 0, upgraded), was replacing gear with greens between Hellfire, Zangermarsh, and Terrokar). Many of the greens really are better then many of the Azeroth epics. However, and this said, there are some "old world" legenndaries that still hold up quite well against some BC gear.

The other issue, is twinks. And this said, I can well imagine putting Outland enchants on lvl 35+ gear, rather then many of the Azeroth counterparts. Why? The market on my realm is whacked, where arcane dust keeps getting cut in price, by some who are always out to undercut any price; resulting in massive deflation. Arcane dust was always lower then the cost of lvl 50+ Azeroth enchanting dust, but they're pushing it below 40+ vision dust. Now this said, not withstanding the outland enchants are better (and 35+ is the min gear requirement); it's simply becomming cheaper to get the higher lvl enchants on even low lvl, lvling greens. That's of course unless one doesn't enchant.

This would remain the case until either some stop trying to create massive deflation (which doesn't result in stable markets), or supply of arcane dust starts to get restricted more...
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