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Default Re: PS3 game load times

Originally Posted by jeffmd
audio is often a separate component and is loaded on the fly, has been for many years now. WoW Actually has a ton of textures, and high resolution ones too to make up for its low polygon count. Clothing and armors arnt too high res, but there are also many of those that need to be loaded. Ironforge could bring systems to its knees pre-expansion in load times due to all the armor loads.
That may be true, but even so it's still affecting load times, because it's taking away time textures,etc could be loaded on the fly. Perhaps that's why the load screen is longer at the beginning? And it's not even that long, really. I counted it last night as 10 seconds. That's quicker than Crysis loaded up on my quad-core with 2GB of RAM in Vista.

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