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Default Re: I quite WoW today

Originally Posted by zoomy942
true, but if you have a repair thats not under warranty, then you are out a car payment, insurance paymebnt and the cost of the repair. whereas, with an older vehicle, if you are lucky enough to get a decent old one, it may need major work once or twice a year, but you pay nothing for it the rest of the time.;
The warranty typically lasts several years. On the other hand, once or twice a year, nah... I had major repair bills every 1.5-2 months. And the amount saved? Not really that much. What I don't know is if the car was just pathetic, or if someone cracked open and rolled back the odometer before turning it into the dealership. I shoulda known when I got that one off the lot with problems, but they covered it for a couple months (minus the A/C which they denied had a problem).

Nah, forget it... I don't want to have to cover repair bills on my own money for a fair good time. When transmission is one of them (automatic transmission) among other stuff; there is no "savings".

Ironically, when looking at cars (my current one is a new car), the previous one dumped all of the radiator fluid in the lot when I was out test driving. I came back to find my car had been moved, with gallons of run off from the thing.... I had to get a toe back home that night so as not to be stranded, and back down again the next day to buy the new (now current) one. I was more then a few miles away. The test drive wasn't that long either...
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