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Default Re: What was the best 1x AGP graphics card?

Originally Posted by Bman212121
Actually I know a GF4 won't work in a 1x slot because there are voltage differences between the slots. I'm not sure if even a GF2 would work in a 1x slot. IMO your better off getting a PCI card because there are a lot newer chips on the PCI bus that would work. But either way it seems pointless.

@Tr1cK: I agree completely. There is no point in buying a graphics card for a pc that can't run anything anyway. Even if the majority of their games are 5 years old there will still be that game that they will want to play that won't run.
Your wrong, a GF4, FX and 6 and 7 series card will work in a 1x slot. I happen to have a 1x slot Slot 1 board with a P2 233 and installed and used a GF4, 5900, 6600GT and a 7300GT in it and they all booted up just fine. Because I was curious as to why as I knew the GF4 would work but uncertain of the others, I looked up some info.

All teh cards mentioned above have the 3.3V and the 1.5V key slots which is why more Nvidia cards that were AGP worked with older hardware and ATI didn't. Seems ATI figured it was cheaper to not key for those who still had 3.3V based sloted boards where as Nvidia did. Hell, even my BFG 6800GT AGP card has the 3.3V key slot on it would most likely work.

Although I will agree that unless you can get a new card for the guy for around 20-30 bucks, its a total waste of money.
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