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Default Re: Returned HD-DVD player. What should I buy? PS3?

Hmmm where to start

MowTim get the PS3 it will be fine for what you have. and I am sorry that you arent an audiophile....wait no I wish I wasnt one.. good job on not caring about sound as much as assholes like evilchris and I.


I sold my 360 for my PS3...yes I can live w/o halo. BECAUSE my 360 should have been named 747, thats what it sounded like ALL THE TIME!

I have an 80gb and its VERY quite but I think that ambient temp has a lot to do with that, its 66-68* in my basement all the time. Sorry chris I understand the noise thing. and my equpiment has a dividing wall to deflect sound so I can tolerate it a little more than you can.

Why I bought a PS3 over a Stand alone:

I do occasionaly get away from TF2 (pc) long enough to play the PS3.

I wanted something that was able to interface with my Home server and or any other media storage device I have on the network and do it in a somewhat sexy way.

Sony has these great things called firmware updates. That make my BD player "grow" with the technology. I am ok with it having a limit at some point IMO its better than a SA that I have no control/ hopes for upgrades.

and last but not least F@H go soapy society 97534!

NOW EVIL CHRIS <--this is me not yelling just making sure you erad the next part and PLEASE correct me if I am wrong.

This is going off the assumption that the PS3 will/does support DTS-HD MA

Recievers must recieve via: LPCM.

LPCM is theoretically lossless as long as certain bandwidth/freqs are maintained. (which HDMI 1.3a/b can support) it should stay this way so I dont have to buy a new reciever everytime a new codec/format comes out*

NOW transfering info in its native bitstream IE: DTS HD-MA currently is ideally perfect and I agree that the PS3 cant do this because of its HDMI issues.(read basic codec)

HOWEVER this WILL change with the interactivity of Blu-Ray (read advanced codec) where the player will have to encode/decode to LPCM anyway because of live mixing. I personally would rather this be done by hardware BUT I think the PS3 has enough "horsepower" if you will to do this and do it correctly VIA software.

Live mixing for those reading this is basically where you would have english/spanish/swaili all on the same "track" but your player pulls the language you select and send it through to the reciever. All the other background sounds are shared on the same track.

DVDs have completely seperate tracks for different languages/back ground sounds

This saves space for more true sounds.

In the end I honestly dont think that I will be able to tell the difference between TrueHD and DTSHD-MA. Dont know now but ears get worse with age.

I dont think its a MP3 vs CD difference. 98% of people couldnt tell the difference between those I doubt that they will even think about knowing a difference between THD and DTSHD.
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