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Default Re: Share your config - best visuals you have achieved.

I really like Pydon's work. Maybe it was a bad idea to call it "Natural Mod" but I prefer his TOD over Crytek's default settings. I tried to go back to the vanilla game settings after running off of Pydon's settings for a while and I just did not like it at all. It's reasonable to believe that it's just a matter of aesthetics.

I've been messing around with the TOD settings because I want to create a visual style similar to what you can see in the movie Three Kings. The movie has a sort of overbright look to it. I also just watched the Killzone 2 2007 realtime trailer and wanted to incorporate the film grain look in that trailer. Pydon is adding film grain to the night levels for his 2.0 release but I wanted something that stuck around for the whole game. I've set it up in my TOD files such that the grain is more pronounced at night and in levels where there is a night to day transition the grain gradually reduces as more light is cast from the sun.

I'd hardly call the look realistic but I'm loving this visual style. In harmony with full scene motion blur, object motion blur, and DOF these tweaks enhance the cinematic look of the game IMO. I just finished tweaking the TOD settings for every level of the single player game. For me it really enhances the night levels and just looks amazing when you're inside the core.

Here are a few screenshots. Let me know what you think. One note about the grain in the screenshots, during gamplay it is significantly less pronounced and does not blur the scene as much as it appears to in the screenshots. I'll try to capture a few videos so you can see what it looks like during gamplay. It's much more toned down ingame, so just keep that in mind.

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