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Default Re: Share your config - best visuals you have achieved.

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar
wow those do look really grainy :/

I do think that pydon's mod is a step in the right direction but he went overboard with the hdr.

my ultimate goal (that I think I share with others) was to have the most realistic visuals and best fps.

Me and Gaco and a few others realy tore apart the config settings and went through hours of tweaking every vairable in the game to see what affected what.

I ultimately ended up on the settings I just previously listed. difference between my config and vanilla regarding the looks of the game are night and day better.

some screenshots from the screenshots thread.

I'll have to go dig up the post I made showing very high vs my tweaked very high settings.
I just hope you read my entire post. Screenshots of the game with grain enabled make it appear that there is more grain than is actually the case when playing. Keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that these are not .cfg changes. Most of the changes I'm making can only be made with the .tod editor in sandbox.

Furthermore, I'm not going for ultimate realism. I'm trying to go for a cinematic style similar to what you see in Three Kings and the Killzone trailer. This is certainly not to say that everyone or anyone other than myself ought to like it. I just want to make the point that Gaco and yourself seem to be heading in a different direction with your tweaks than I am.
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