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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Perspective?? This guy is an idiot. There is not one iota of fact; it is fabricated upon his opinion alone. First of all HD DVD is in trouble. I have the player and am pissed I paid what I did for it. Studios are leaving en masse. Blu Ray is outselling HD DVD by a 85:15 ratio over the past few weeks. In fact, even with Toshiba doing a fire sale the Blu Ray players are selling more. Why, the movies are going to Blu Ray. Beta was better than VHS technically, but lost badly. HD DVD is elegant and an easy transition from DVD; it should be a no brainer. However, Sony's marketing muscle and alliance with Disney, Sony Movies (DUH), and now Warner is bad news for HD DVD. Money and sales will determine who wins. Right now, Blu Ray is in the minds eye and media's eye. The PS3 is doing better and likely to have a banner year. Even MS is stating that they would consider a Blu Ray add-on if that format wins. Think about it.
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