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Default Re: WoW gold limit reached

Originally Posted by Son Goku

When BC first came out, and everyone was creating Draenie and Nelfs, starting areas had over 1,500 players in them. Things were such that it could take over an hour waiting for respawns to get the mobs for a lvl 1 quest. People with 60 mages, were offering to give free portals to some, to get them into other newb zones (such as Ellown Forest) so we weren't all competing over the same mobs. It'd be like that, if too congested, with GMs getting the brunt in TTs filed from one player against another in increased proportion. Northrend is essentially a small continent.
You should actually know about things before posting. I rerolled a horde paladin for my guild when BC launched and I'm on a high population server and I had no such problems. Blizzard made the spawn rates much higher than other places to compensate, they seem to know what they are doing.

If you hate WoW so much, stop playing, god knows the game could use less of the most overpopulated class, nelf huntards.
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