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I think they, along with the rest of motherboard chipset developers, are having trouble with validating PC3200 modules. VIA and SIS have as much as admitted they cannot guarantee reliability with any certainty. So I'm sure nVidia is not immune to this lack of great PC3200 DDR memory.

Or perhaps they went on vacation after the big paper launch for nForce 2, perhaps to the beach? "Woohoo, guys! We've launched the motherboards! Time to go get some sun!"

"But... Bob... we haven't actually shipped any of the chipsets?"

"So what, Joe? Let the motherboard ...peeps handle that! I'm gone.."

"But wait! We haven't actually made any yet... and ... and... they can't do nothing without some chipsets..."

"I can't hear you! I'm taking the secretary out for lunch... won't be back until November!"


And now, the silence. No nForce 2 boards despite being "...available soon" in July. I suppose last year's launch of nForce some six+ months after the paper launch was "soon," too at this rate.

Is there anyone surprised though? Some of them got rashes from the sand and sun.

nVidia has definitely been dropping balls left and right, but I'd never have thought they'd go this long without releasing nForce 2. That's the only thing they've got going to cover the potential disaster with the nv30 release and lower stockprices. Not that they will die. They won't. But certainly, they're not having the quarter of greatness this time, either. They go from a great GF4Ti success rate to ... this. Hell, they haven't even released the AGP8x versions of the GF4Ti line. That shouldn't have taken them this long.

So why do I think nForce 2 is delayed? Because nVidia is having the same problems with DDR400 that the other motherboard chipset developers have. The memory's just not available that can beat good PC2700 DDR with the highest settings.

Quite frankly, the performance of KT400 is good enough of a change to me, though it is not the level of what the KT266a was over the KT133/a. Not without a new memory interface will we see that again. A new memory interface and a new frontsidebus performance to go with it.

So nForce 2 should just go ahead and launch without DDR400 if it can't get it right. Nobody can. Interestingly, though, they should not have killed that nForce+ version they were originally going to release because *obviously* they couldn't get this one out in any good time at all. Then, they'd have something to push as new today.

Hopefully, they'll sort themselves out sometime very soon now, as their complete lack of anything (excepting Detonator 40's) to sell in the last two months as new or revolutionary or even evolutionary in the face of so many other things being all these things by the competition, well, I think they need to fight back. Because I hate to see any lack of competition. Competition is my friend. Lack of competition is sterile and emptiness. And inflated prices.

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