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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
Do you know how quick studios can change their mind? It's not like they signed a lifetime exclusive contract to Blu-ray.

And like it's been stated earlier, just because HD-DVD "dies" doesn't mean blu-ray will sell well. Who's going to pay $500 for a player? Sure as hell not the average American consumer. How about a $100 player? Now you're talking.

As of THIS VERY MOMENT (not talking about what studios might or might not release 6 months from now), HD-DVD is not really any worse than blu-ray. Most movies are currently available on both formats. Now if Toshiba drops the price on the A3 to $100 and offers 7 free movies, and moves 20 million units, how fast do you think the movie studios will change sides?
Zelda, I know you are anti-Sony but think with your brain for once. HD DVD has been losing marketshare at a 2:1 clip for the past year. Now with the Warner defection, which compromises about 20 percent of HD media; this blow is killer. If Universal and the other studios defect it is lights out. People are being ridiculed for buying combo players. Blu Ray is winning. Now, I agree, will it gain market acceptance. I believe as people get transitioned to HDTV's it is inevitable. For one, the FTC has stated that analog signals will be abandoned within a few short years. Digital media will be the way to go. Why not get a high def player (which will be around 150 bucks by then...yes, even Blu Ray) instead of a clunker DVD. I sure would pay extra for a player that plays my old DVD's or new HD media (Blu Ray or whatever). People used to claim that DVD was gonna fail. Think with your head, not your heart. If Nintendo had brought out Blu Ray you would be riding its jock like a Patriot's fan rides Brady.
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