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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

Guys, in five years you will be lucky if you find a DVD movie. Think about VHS and the dominance it had over DVD. Nowadays you have to shop in a pawn shop to find that old release of "Bad News Bears" in VHS. In time, the teens of todays will be respectable consumers and wouldn't know a DVD from a CD. Please, HD is all they will know. It is like telling kids that a Walkman was once cool. Please, I know. I am 37 and only buy a DVD if it is not available on HD DVD or Blu Ray (I luckily have both). If I can see it in high fidelity; why the hell buy it on DVD. Moreover, on Amazon both HD media are getting cheaper by the day. Mark my words, DVD will die and in five years the Wii will be third in marketshare (that is a direct jab at Zelda but what the hell ).
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