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Default Re: 169.07 Ubuntu 7.10 Fan at %100

Oh my God... Quiet at last... Thanks for the assist Richard. Your instructions worked like a charm. For those of you as clueless as me... you can edit as root by opening the file which needs to be edited "" by typing "sudo gedit" at a terminal command prompt. This will open the text editor gedit with root powers. You can then make the one change in the version number which is a short distance down the file; then save and close.

Next open Envy and if you select "Install the NVIDIA driver Manually", you should see "version 169.09" listed at the top of the options at the bottom of the page. Select "Apply" and Envy will uninstall version 169.07 and install 169.09, then prompt you for a restart (which you should do).

Thanks again Richard.
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