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Default VERY common mistake by people here: nV doesn't have a 12 month cycle

Hello everyone,

I've seen nearly everyone on this forum make this same mistake: thinking nVidia releases a fully new product every 12 months. That is not correct.

nVidia schedule is releasing a total new product every *18* months.

nVidia wanted to release the GF3 in end 2000 as everyone know i think, but due to delays, they released it in beginning 2001.

So... Original Product: 1st Half 2001. 1st Refresh: 2nd Half 2001. 2nd Refresh: 1st Half 2002. New product: 2nd Half 2002.

That's the CORRECT nVidia product schedule.

And i really doubt they want to do the same delay TWICE. But who knows. That's not the point of this post.

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