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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by mezkal
Jeez, could you pander to the Christian Right anymore?

Some people are smart enough to know what's good for them. It's just that some idiots need to be 'informed' by shameless media manipulators who pretend to be 'fair and balanced'.

There's no way anyone could glean good information from that witch hunt of an interview. It was one of the worst examples of schlock profiling that I've seen in a while. "Star Wars meets Debbie Does Dallas" is probably one the dumbest and most misleading statements made in that interview and my guess is that they already had it on a cue card somewhere before even going to air. Probably dreamed up in one of their brainstorming sessions to find arresting and sensational statements that idiots would eat up. The 'panel' of experts was questionable, let alone unjustified as their comments descended into a chorus of malign without reproach.

FOX 'News' is the biggest misnomer of all because they don't report news at all, but actually just project RIGHT WING OPINION using manipulative and underhanded practices.

You know what's really not good for you? Watching FOX and believing their reportage to be fair and balanced - it makes you weak of mind. Obviously.
I never said I watched Fox. I never said I watched that interview. I made a comment on the mindless defense of any and all rubbish that is put out by video game producers. Your whole post is a complete waste of bandwidth.

The only bigots that are accepted are those with a hatred of Christianity. You have displayed that quite effectively here and in the politics forum.
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