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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by mezkal
Manipulation via the media is something that exists on both sides but FOX News lies outright at every level and in every way they can. My statements stand and I'm no left winger (at least not in the American sense) but I take great issue with Fox News and their UNfair and UNbalanced manipulation.
Out right lies? yeah and the lie from CNN on the vietnam mass killing they did a few years ago. Maybe the lies CBS spewed with the false documents that Dan Rather proudly defends to this day. You're a joke.

There are two things that piss me off about video gamers. One they are never happy. They complain about the title of a game, the graphics, the game play and the list goes on. The second thing that pisses me of is the reflexive need to defend that filth that is constantly put out by game producers. Oh wait I said that before. But damn if it isn't true. And if you dare to disagree with them you get mindless crap responses by mezkal. His whole reply to me was based on nothing but a mindless reactionary need to justify his addiction. Gamers are the biggest bunch of cry babies on the planet.
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