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Default Re: The End For Blu-Ray?

I asked around the office once who has a HD TV. Half didn't even know what the heck it was. A few more said yes they did, and the rest said no.

Funny thing was when I asked how many of them have a HD subscription or view HD content alot of them answered NO. I thought that was even stranger. Why buy a HD TV if you don't have HD content. And the final kicker was when asking i fthey would be buying a HD movie player the majority mentioned Blue-Ray. And they all mostly agree it is because they see it advertised all around and think it's the best. Although it's a small group of people, it doesn't represent alot overall.

Like it was said before, blu-ray has just done a much better Job of Advertising and Marketing hands down.

It sucks because I own and purchase mostly HD_DVD's..

LOL. Oh why do I always go for the underdog LMAO.
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