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Default Re: Over 30 fps on Veryhigh with 4xAA/16xAF in 1600x1200 * WOW!

Originally Posted by ralinn
Yeah, most console games are capped at 30FPS and some would likely run at 60FPS but not constantly. A drop from 60FPS to 30FPS is VERY painful and just looks horrible so anyone in their right mind would cap it at a stable framerate. I think anyone would rather it feel smooth.

It definitely depends on what kind of game you're playing, but playing an FPS at 30FPS on a PC, using a mouse is horrible. Fast movements makes the framerate so much more noticeable.

Spending over 1000 on a PC to be able to play Crysis at (realistically) 15-25FPS when there's a battle going on, is just pathetic. It may be around 30-40 when there's jack-**** going on, but still, it's no where near as smooth as _most_ console games.

IMO 30FPS on a console game and 30FPS on a PC game are two completely different things. Consoles are capped at 30 to keep the gameplay smooth, PC's are likely at 30 because you have no choice; it's as good as you're gonna get and it's not going to be a pleasant experience.
That is not necessarily true, turn on VSync and with a refresh rate of 60Hz you will have a 30fps cap.
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