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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Why is it that you who play video games, have no sense of a limit to these games? Some things are just not good for you.
sure, but who the hell is the government or anyone else to tell us that they are not good for us?

first, i dont care what is in video games. as long as they are marked/rated correctly and not sold to minors, i dont care. however, what i do have a problem with, is some group of people talking about how it's bad for society and what not. if it's so bad, THEN DONT ****IN BUY IT.

second, if the government were to try to step in to ban this type of content, that would be overstepping their bounds imo. enforce more strict age control and ratings, fine. but limiting content because of minimal nudity is just retarded.
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