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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

Originally Posted by grey_1
No, I'm looking at this thread and seeing what is called ignorance.

Funny the only ones who mention Christianity at all are the non-christians. You Idiots really think Christians are the only people against flagrant sexual displays?

The interview may be a joke, but some of you aren't far behind.
you don't understand how to change things, yet, do you?

there's a difference between telling people what is wrong/immoral, and teaching them what is wrong/immoral. doing what they did, does nothing. it changes no part of society or anything. the only way to eliminate things like this is to make them socially unpopular, and sitting on a high horse and preaching about how bad it is, just makes people want to do it more.

people only change when they want to change. and things like sexual content, profanity, abortion, etc., will only become unpopular when society as a whole deems them to be unpopular.
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