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Default Re: [Mass Effect] Fox News Is Shocked

I don't see how Christianity has anything to do with the bad view on nudity or whatever by the media.

I found on wiki that approximately 79% of people in USA were Christians in 2001.

Compare that with say my home country of Romania (eastern europe) where 99.9% of society is Orthodox Christian, and yet nudity on TV (and etc.) is not frowned upon. You can turn to most cable channels at around midnight and there'll be a boob or something.

something i will never understand, why is US media so paranoid about ass or a boob.

In Poland (and probably rest of Europe) you can turn on a TV at 2pm and see a bare ass or a boob
So how the hell can you say this?
Because we have a culture of shame propagated by Christian fanatics.
I think the original video post is more of a ignorance of people of FOX News as well as that psychologist, I don't see what it has to do with religion.

Note how that woman said "studies show adolescents can't see the difference between a video game and reality" and also how they're making a big deal from what is really no nudity at all in a M-rated game. That's what they complain about? That's just stupid. It's like some guy on the original link comment said "like some kid is gonna play 15 hours of Mass effect just to get some digital half-boob".
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